The concept

Gothenburg-based brand Coloniaire was launched in March 2019 by award-winning Swedish fashion designer Henric Dahl. Coloniaire is a premium lifestyle brand with elegant yet functional clothes and bags in exceptional suede and leather. Our designer has been inspired by an era of expeditions but has adapted the designs for modern-day explorers.

Leather never lies – so quality, fit, cut and finish together with a re-invention of iconic garments are our hallmarks. Coloniaire presents stylish, current yet timeless garments that every man can make his own every day, no matter if he is in the city or in the countryside. 

The brand and the collection have been inspired by cultures and traditions from the designer’s many travels abroad. The collections draw inspiration from and have been influenced by the iconic styles worn in the past by explorers, adventurers, officers, hunters, pilots, correspondents and country side gentlemen. The result is a timeless mix of  sartorial elegance and country sports functionality, which are presented in two separate lines.


The Coloniaire’s Sartorial Line consist of timeless, classic garments with a modern take. The smart semi-casual garments such as: semi-constructed blazers, overshirts, waist coats and outerwear is manufactured in subtle colours in premium goat suede. The heritage from British, French and Italian work wear and sartorial traditions are visible throughout the collection, with updated design details by Coloniaire.


The Country Sports Line collection has a strong focus on the outdoors. The design is influenced by past expeditions and old-time heritage country sports,  but the design is up-dated and adapted for country sports and adventure environments of today such as: hunting, safari expeditions, aviator, racing, mountaineering and tennis. This line presents utility fashion with functionality at the core. Different thickness of suede has been incorporated to match the garments’ use, such as safari adventures, tropical heat or arctic wind and cold expeditions. We have also adapted some of our products with a paraffin wax finish or used different type of linings and padding so that the garments can be worn in all weathers, even in the rain.

Coloniaire also has an assortment of stylish bags ranging from briefcases to backpacks, with contemporary and utilitarian design elements suitable for both urban and countryside styles.

The designer – Henric Dahl

Coloniaire was established and founded by award-winning Swedish fashion designer Henric Dahl. Henric has more than 20 years’ experience in Sweden and internationally, starting up brands and boutiques within the premium and luxury segment. During his design journey, Henric has been working at for instance department store Harrods in the UK, Italian fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, and Swedish fashion brands J.Lindeberg and Atlas Design. He also founded and designed his own award-winning brand Castor Pollux.

Henric was named Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year in 2014 by the Swedish Fashion Council in cooperation with Peugeot, for his previous brand Castor Pollux, and he has received several other nominations and prizes as a designer.

“My philosophy is to constantly challenge myself and the world with my designs,”. “I’m driven by curiosity and I like to push the boundaries.”

/ Henric  Dahl

The garments

The garments are timeless, iconic, and have a individual personalised touch. Suede can be sensitive to wet weather and is generally worn only in spring and summer. Our Coloniaire collections are designed for year-round use and for some selected garments and accessories we have adapted a layer of paraffin wax to protect the suede, and we have also oil impregnated our leather products to make the garments withstand harsh climates and tough adventures.

The Coloniaire concept is utilitarian. To this end, we offer finished garments in a variety of embodiments such as unwaxed or waxed finish, unconstructed garments for high summer season or garments with warmer flannel linings  to suit even the cold fall and winter season. We have even quilted and padded some of our fall/winter garments to make it possible to wear suede also during the cold Nordic seasons.


Leather is a demanding material and it never lies. It requires great skill to get the best from it and a deep understanding of its possibilities and limitations. Quality, fit, cut and finish are crucial, and our customers appreciate our expertise and the extra time and effort that we put into design details, the sourcing and the constructing of each and every exceptional product. We believe in ageing gracefully and each of our garments is designed to last and to improve with time, love and care. No two garments are ever the same.


The transformation from a raw hide into a garment that will stand the test of time is a process that happens slowly and with careful attention to detail. We utilise traditional tannage methods and techniques, carefully updated with modern applications. Our leathers are still made by hand in the same way they have been for generations. Our fine raw hides are tested by independent industry experts and materials are constantly monitored and checked by experienced partners


The transformation from raw hides into a long-lasting material is a process that happens slowly in wooden drums, with respect for the environment. Coloniaire offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. From the set-up, we have cultivated previous experience to offer dynamic lines of leather garments. Our garments incorporate traditional tannages and techniques, carefully updated with modern applications. Today, leathers used in our garments are still made by hand, in the same way as generations ago.


Coloniaire respects the environment, partly by using a sustainable tannery, recognising in the social and environmental responsibility the principles that guide its current and future business accomplishment, while safeguarding future generations. Our objective is to reduce effects caused by industrial processes with negative implications on the environment, by using sustainable materials and renewable production processes.

Ethical workplace policy

We firmly believe that beautiful products are made by people who are satisfied with their working conditions and salaries, and who feel valued within an organisation. We operate our business on the principles of transparency, accountability and respect when choosing our partners and production sites, ensuring that we meet our own strict standards for health and safety, fair pay, and zero tolerance towards discrimination. Our manufacturers are members of the association SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit).


At Coloniaire, respecting and preserving the environment for future generations is of utmost importance. We believe that style and affordability does not have to come at the cost of a social conscience. Coloniaire’s sustainability initiative is a holistic strategy that tackles the challenges of sustainable development systematically with clearly defined targets in the following areas:

  • Streamlining processes to reduce energy and water consumption, making more efficient use of chemicals and finding new ways of utilising by-products.
  • Improving leather properties during and after use: longer service life, minimising waste and employing good recycling practices.
  • Developing new products and chemical systems that utilise renewable raw materials and eliminate all substances with damaging toxic properties.
  • The leather we use is a by-product of the food industry and is upcycled into quality products of long-term value. We strictly adhere to the standards of REACH / RSL and ensure that our products are free from AZO, PCP, Formaldehyde, Lead, Cadmium and all other prohibited amines. Our focus for the new range is to address chromium allergy by producing chrome 6-free garments. In addition, our eco-sustainable production processes reduce the consumption of electricity, water, gas, chemicals and CO2 emissions.


Our experienced partners in the leather industry help us source the finest quality of suede and leather. Currently, we are sourcing raw material mainly from Chennai in India.

Bespoke / Customised design

Besides the Made to Measure service, we also offer customised designs with the opportunity to co-design your Coloniaire garment or accessory. For some of our customers, this might mean specific and practical design features such as special utility pockets or other design features. For others, their passion or hobby may require unique skin and leather detailing and finishing more tailored to their needs. If you have a special garment or accessory to be customised such as a blazer, a hunting vest or a hunting rifle cover or motorcycle bag, contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs. A prototype in canvas can be created, and a fitting of that prototype can be a part of this process before the final sample is delivered to you.

Please allow 7 weeks including the prototype fitting for the delivery of custom designed products.

We can also deliver these customised garments with an individual leather label with your name or initials embossed onto the label.

Contact us at [email protected] for further information about customised designs.

B2B / Private label 

Coloniaire offers private label collaborations with the opportunity for your shop or company to co-design a garment. You can also select any of our existing garments and add your company or brand logo. If you want to co-design a jacket or bag, you will work closely with our designer Henric Dahl. We ensure that your ideas are executed and that everything is done to the highest industry standards. Coloniaire have established partnership with Lexus in Sweden and with Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling in the UK.

Please send your inquiry to [email protected]. This service requires a minimum order per garment.


Coloniaire look for partners, collaborations  or agents or distributors for new markets. Coloniaire have for this moment retailers in Sweden, Norway and South Korea.
Pls send an email to [email protected] for further information.

Care instructions

Suede is a stylish but delicate material and there are several techniques for cleaning suede items. We explain each method below. 

Cleaning method #1 – Brushing (after heavy use)

This involves a brass wire brush or an actual suede brush (the kind with a visibly fuzzy nap). Perform quick, light strokes while using either one so the bristles get deep into the fibres removing dirt or dust.

Do NOT press too much except for stubborn marks. Don’t brush on top of a hard surface, instead place a towel underneath the garment.

Always brush the nap of the suede in one direction. This keeps the garment looking consistently clean and tidy.

Alternatively, try a suede eraser (or a standard pencil eraser) to remove dirt smudges or stains – and it’s okay to rub harder with this option.

If the nap of your garment looks tired and flat, hold it above steam from a kettle (or better yet a steam cleaner) for a few seconds and then proceed to brush.

Cleaning method #2 – Dab with water (for wet garments)

This is a legitimate way to use water for preventing stains – particularly on a clean wet jacket. If you just spilled water, apply pressure on it with a cotton towel.

If you have the patience to wait for the moisture to dry, you may avoid a water stain. For jackets that are water-stained but not soaked, spray/brush a thin layer of water evenly over the area. Brush the stains gently and work around the edges.

The next step is the same whether the jacket was soaked in the rain or covered with water. Use a sponge or dry cloth to soak up any excess water. Dab gently until the leather is evenly wet.

Leave the jacket overnight in a dry, ventilated area. Once dry (or while still drying if you prefer) go over the jacket lightly with a suede brush. This helps to bring it back to its original look.

Note: Never put a suede item next to a heater or in a dryer. The high heat can cause it to shrink, fade, become warped or as stiff as denim.

Cleaning method #3 – Cornstarch / talcum powder

If you spilled liquid on your suede item, pat the affected spot with a clean cloth and apply a layer of corn starch or talcum powder. Let it settle overnight. Then use a suede brush to remove the dried powder. Don’t be tempted to clean wet stains, you will only make them worse.

Once the stain is dry, rub it using either (A) a suede cleaning block, (B) an emery board, or (C) a low-grit sandpaper, but rub carefully. When you have removed the stain, brush and spray the item. Then use an eraser to restore the nap.

Cleaning methods for specific types of stains:

  • Mud Stains: Wipe away excess mud without pushing too hard against the suede, then leave to dry. Break off larger chunks of dry mud before finishing with a suede brush.
  • Blood Stains: Dab at the stain with a peroxide-soaked cotton ball slowly until the blood comes out.
  • Wax/Chewing Gum: Put your item in the freezer for a few hours to harden the gooey substance so that you can chip it off. Finish with a suede brush.
  • Coffee/Tea/Juice: Place two layers of paper towel over the stain before you start using a brush. Apply moderate pressure with your hands or a flat object.
  • Ink Spills: Quickly grab a paper towel and try to blot the ink up. If it sets, scrape the stain off with sandpaper or try rubbing with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.
  • Salt Lines: Apply a small amount of white wine vinegar through a soft rag or towel. Let it dry and then agitate with a suede brush.
  • Oily/Unknown Stains: Use a suede brush to scrub the stain as you would for dirt or dust. Then use a nail brush with warm water to scrub off stubborn stains.

For stubborn stains on your suede – Try professional cleaning.

If all else fails and the stain is not coming off:

  • Take your stained suede item to a dry cleaner who specialises in leather and suede

It may not be the cheapest solution but it guarantees results and you don’t risk ruining the suede. This would also be a great thing to do BEFORE you stow away the winter suede jacket during the warmer months.


Protection tips

Here is the reality of suede items; they are bound to wear and lose their stylishness over time. It helps to know how to remove stains, but suede garments will never be completely safe from rain, snow or salt (unless you keep them in your wardrobe forever).

The good news? You can take protective measures so that you can wear suede in most weathers (except from heavy rain). All you need is a suede protector spray, found in shoe repair stores or drugstores. Our suede is water and dirt repellent but can be further protected with a waterproof silicone-based spray with a neutral colour.

When you have this spray at home, learn to use it after cleaning your suede and the item has fully dried. Here is how to apply the spray to suede items:

  1. Check that the suede material is clean and dry (you should have used the appropriate cleaning method first).
  2. Test the spray on a small area to see if there is a change in colour.
  3. If the colour is fine, spray the suede-covered areas on the top and then spray the entire item evenly (some slight darkening overall is natural). Don’t oversaturate.
  4. Do one final quick brush in a single direction over the suede.
  5. Let the item air dry on a towel for 24 hours in a ventilated area.


How often should you spray your items? We recommend spraying suede jackets once every 2 months.

Note: Do NOT use leather creams or shoe polish. They don’t work on suede and can disrupt the fibres and spoil your suede items even if not stained or dirty.


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