Drifter’s archive
- Mens Spring/Summer 2021 -

The Drifters´s Archive collection has been inspired by iconic garments from previous archives and past eras. The styles are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago.

The drifters choose to drift for reasons like exploration, new experiences and meeting new people from different cultures; which they may otherwise have never been able to do, due to either legal or monetary constraints. We belive drifting to be a liberating and exhilarating way to find new creative paths in our journey to create or re-invent new collections.

The Drifter’s Archive collection has been inspired by iconic styles from the 1950’s-1970’s. Some of these utility work wear apperal influences was even seen in the past and worn by cowboys, miners and railroad workers. But the garments got a more general appeal in the 1950’s-1970’s and has since then been worn by truckers, rockers, bikers, rangers, athlets and on the red carpet.

This iconic biker jacket featuring all the characteristic biker jacket details such as; an asymmetric front zip closure, zippers in end of sleeves and a wide waist belt. It also has quilted and padded shoulder parts. The robust but soft goat suede biker jacket comes with a paraffin wax finish to add a nice worn-in feeling and a beautiful patina, as well as it makes the jacket water and stain repellent.

The trucker jacket has traditionally appealed to nonconformists as "a knock to the 'suits' of the world, its informal yet edgy heritage making it the ideal item to stick it to the man. We have made this iconic jacket a little more sophisticated by doing it premium goat suede and taking away some of the more casual work wear features and made it a staple for stylish men.

The Coach
- The Worlds first tracksuit in supple goat suede -

The original tracksuit got its start on… well, the track in the 1960s. Now with the Millenials relaxing dress codes everywhere, more people are wearing tracksuits for both #OOTDs and the office. A tracksuit styles itself, especially when its made out of ultra light-weight goat suede. But it can be worn as separates. Wear the track pants with a simple white turtle neck and sneakers for a look that’s professional, polished but not pretentious, or wear the jacket instead of a blazer. Break bounderies and explore new fashion frontiers with this stylish goat suede tracksuit.

Photography: Peter Nilsson, Fotobruket
Models: Johan Samuelsson
Art Direction / Styling / Design: Henric Dahl
Clothing/shoes not in suede from Brissmans store i Borås