The theme ‘Natural Symphony’ where ‘natural’ refers to the natural animal suede skin and the ‘symphony’ to the
different tones from which the collection has drawn its inspiration, such as the heritage from the peripatetic musicians, the dockers and the artisans during the era 1920’s-1950’s. The collection is also a celebration to that era’s gentlemanly sense of style and the increase of women’s rights and their impact on the society and the new silhouettes of womens fashion, that spread all over Europe durign that era.

Delicate and extremely soft suede featuring natural and neatral hues with blends and shades of vanilla, beige, brown and avio blue, racalling the sense of connection between the avio blue sky and the materiality of the land. The result is a well-balanced ensemble of garments revealing lightweight and blends of natural notes, like ‘Portamento’ - the musical term to explain a soft sliding note from one to another.

A tonal collection that consist of a skillful blend of traditional silhouttes and re-invented iconic workwear and expedition garments. All presented in semi-weight and ultra-light weight premium goat suede in a natural earthy colour palette.

Inspired by our years of travel and adventure, this ultra-light weight unlined goat suede explorer parkas offers lived-in comfort wherever your journey leads during the spring and summer season.

The garments in the collections draws inspiration from the past eras,
the beauty of the notched and worn natural material, and its ravaged
colours and obtained patina, that all creates a musical aura of
calmness , dynamic and spontaneity.

Sartorial and traditional lines harmonize with iconic work wear detailing as shown on this ‘Artisan’ jacket inspired by the
craftsmen, the dockers and the drummers in the 1920’s-1930’s. We celebrate iconic and utility designed garment and our
drive and ambition is to rediscover and create new appealing timeless pieces for the modern, urban and travelling man.

Sartorial traditions takes cues from the contemporary world, lining
itself up with the needs and desires of daily life. The result is style
that builts on what it means to dress well in a modern context. It is
amid this background of buzzing diversity that the harmonious spirit
of the new type of masculine elegance takes shape.

Premium suede garments with elements that combine efortlessly with timeless, iconic silhouttes and details. Influences and stimuli gathered from various realities such as safari living, work wear traditions and a travelling musicians heritage. They all together creates an unexpected harmonic symphony of casual elegance.

Coloniaire present a cohesive and utilitarian collection that is bold but still timeless and beautiful. The final effect is driven by the desire to enhance the unique features of each and every garment.

The result is timeless pieces that can be worn both in casual occasions aswell as they can be combined with more traditional garments for a more sophisticated appeal.

This unlined field jacket has been inspired by the M42 para-trooper jackets. The original M42 para-trooper jacket was worn during the WWII and it was designed by Lieutenant Colonel William. P Yarborogh. We have re-invented this jacket and given it a more sophisticated and updated look for the urban and modern man. We have also treated the goat suede with a wax for higher durability and also to bring out the vibrant touch of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. At the same time as it results in a worn-in comfort in a bold yet authentic and balanced way

Photo: Peter Nilsson, fotobruket, Modeller: Charlotte Gilde, Jim Nedergård, Design, Styling & Creative Direction: Henric Dahl. Thanks also to Stenströms shirt.