Sartorial expertise with inspiration from the Artisans,  Connoisseurs and Epicureans.
The garments have been reinterpreted with modern fitted silhouttes that emphasizing the male body, subtle utilitarian detailing and the soft premium goat suede - are all elements that shape not only the image, but also the character and aspirations of the modern man.


An ‘ Epicurean’ has a devotion to pleasure, comfort, satisfaction and luxurious living, with a certain nicety of style. The jacket ‘Epicurean’ is made in very soft premium goat suede and the detailing serve only to satisfy the most important elements in a Epicurean’s life, which simply is to enjoy life and to be satisfied. Read more about the philosophy Epicureanism and the design elements behind this ultility designed masterpiece in our web boutique.


A ‘ Connoisseur’ has a great deal of knowledge about fine arts, cuisines or is an expert judge in matter of taste based on their experiences of the style and techniques of artists. We have given this sartorial and sophisticicated blazer the name 'Connoisseur', since it has been handcrafted by expertise hands with great know-how. The jacket features sartorial detailing such as point -stitch, open button holes in sleeve endings and it's made in high quality premium goat suede.


An ‘Artisan’ is a skilled craft worker or company who creates high quality or distinctive products or objects in small quantaties partly or entirely by hand using traditional methods. The jacket ‘Artisan’ has been inspired by the heritage artisans “worker jackets” from the 1930’s. The suede jacket has been crafted with a wax treatment for an authentic vintage patina.