If any of our garments or bags are sold out, or just sold out in your requested size, we offer Made to Order as a service to make this garment just for you for the price as listed in the webshop. Please, allow 5 weeks for delivery.

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6 999 SEK

Work wear overshirt/jacket in very light soft goat suede

4 500 SEK

Multifunctional Backpack in goat suede and cowleather

4 999 SEK

Soft shirt/overshirt in premium light weight goat suede

6 500 SEK

Iconic trucker jacket in waxed goat suede

9 999 SEK

Quilted, padded and waxed heavy-duty goat suede parka

8 500 SEK

Heavy-duty duffel coat in waxed robust suede

2 999 SEK

Waist coat in supple goat suede

6 500 SEK

Sport racer jacket in soft premium goat suede

5 500 SEK

Short straight worker jacket in premium goat suede

7 500 SEK

Signature safari jacket in premium goat suede

7 999 SEK

Signature safari jacket in waxed goat suede

5 500 SEK

Overshirt jacket in premium heavy goat suede

6 500 SEK

Sport motorcycle jacket in waxed goat suede

3 999 SEK

Briefcase in goatsuede and cow leather.

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